What is Xical?

Xical is, in essence, a player for media rich presentations, e-learning lectures, tutorials and webinars (Gee, look, Buzzword!).

Xical is designed and programmed in Flash and ActionScript and runs on Macromedias OS-agnostic Flash browser-plugin or player in version 6 or higher.

Xical doesn't need a Flash IDE

You do not need a Macromedia Flash IDE or a platform running any proprietary software to make Xical presentations! This may actually be the largest single advantage of Xical over other solutions. All you need to make a media intense Xical based presentation can be provided by open source software such as, for instance, the Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program) or Audacity (an open source audio editing tool). You'll only need a working Macromedia Flash plugin or player, version 6 or higher to actually test and run your Xical applications.